Why Any Business Should Use Motion Graphics

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The definition of motion graphics lies in its name. According to the name, any graphics objects in the movement are referred to as motion graphics. Motion Graphics is one kind of animation/video that combines text, voice/music, and still graphics objects.

Motion Graphics is an effective way to represent complex information to your audience. Motion graphics are seen everywhere nowadays because it helps viewers to visualize in a way a text of wall/billboard can’t.

Motion Graphic is widely adopted in the marketing industry in early 2014 and since it’s become a part and parcel for marketing success of any businesses.

Let’s have a look, why any business should use motion graphics for marketing success:

  1. Motion Graphics Grabs Attention Easily:

By nature, our eyes are used to get attracted to the moving objects. It means motion graphics can easily grab attention from audiences.

  1. Cost Effective and Maximum Outreach:

Motion graphics is way more cost effective and provide a better return on investment. It helps businesses to represent complex data using chart, graphs, voice and other graphics objects.

  1. Higher Engagement Rates:

Motion graphics offers higher engagement rates compared to a long blog post. 65% of people prefer video content instead of text/blog post. If your use motion graphics your engagement rates will be 10 times higher than a long blog post.

  1. Motion Graphic is Sharable:

The important advantage of using motion graphics is that it is sharable. People can watch it on the desktop, laptop, mobile devices and all sort of digital media that supports video content.

This increases the chance to reach more audience since billions of videos are seen on the platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

  1. It increases the selling percentage:

 According to the latest studies, a consumer is 174% likely to purchase a product after watching its video. So motion graphics can play a vital role to increase your sell.

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