Hotel Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is vital for every hotel in the world nowadays. Hotel-centric actions will bring a steady flow of new guests as well as the existing ones who will make your hotel business bloom. The most crucial thing in hospitality and hotel business is to be ever-present in the industry. By staying active, engaged and with high response rates with your market, you should be just fine. Staying in touch with your existing guests is also crucial since that way they’ll always feel welcomed to your establishment. We’ll mention a few ideas and tips on how to bring your hotel business up and above.


Stay Connected

Keeping your existing guest list alive by continually informing your former guests about discounts, offers, and promotions your hotel offers, you’ll make sure they’ll feel respected and wanted. Therefore, they won’t think twice about coming back to your 5 star hotel in Abu Dhabi. Reaching out to new guests and customers is done more or less the same. First of all, you need to reach the targetted audience, and when you do, you can make them understand how appealing your offers are. Never feel sorry for investing in digital marketing since sooner or later it’ll pay off.


Direct Bookings

Reward guests that have decided to contact you and book accommodation with you directly instead of using a “middle-man.” Booking directly with your hotel bring your hotel/guest relationship to a whole new and direct level which is good to be rewarded, whether with a discount or a check-in present, or whatever you choose. Direct booking allows you to communicate the best price with guests and to encourage them to book directly in the future as well.


Social Media Influence

Social media will help you with the increase in your brand awareness, website traffic, audience reach, database growth, as well as the revenue. Targeted social media communication with a thoroughly planned strategy will for sure have a positive impact and score. To move forward with social media, you must find a target market and show them all the benefits your hotel offers. From local activities, fine dining, special promotions, video footage, competitions, and others.

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