Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Freelancer

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When it comes to marketing, there are two ways to choose from. These are by use of a digital marketing agency or a freelancer. The following are their differences in terms of what they can achieve for you.


In terms of being able to rely on either of them, it can be argued that a digital marketing agency is more reliable than a freelancer. This is because it’s well organized and coordinated internal structure, has a vast pool of resources and expertise as compared to a freelancer.


Employing the services of a digital marketing agency can attract higher costs compared to a freelancer. It is costly to retain someone on a long-term contract as compared to a periodic contract where the freelancer’s services are only sought upon need.

Confidentiality and Trust

It is easier to create trust and confidence in a digital marketing agency as compared to a freelancer because a digital marketing agency is a company that you can hold responsible upon the occurrence of any form of liability as compared to a freelancer who can disappear upon completion of an agreement.


A freelancer can have more experience acquired from working for many clients, while, on the other hand, a digital marketing agency can have more experience from also dealing with different clients at the same time. So, when trying to establish which option would be better for you based on experience, your preferences will play a huge role. However, a digital marketing agency offers a greater capacity to handle bigger projects as compared to a freelancer.


In a general overview, it can be stated that there exists a thin line for consideration in choosing between a digital marketing agency and a freelancer. It all depends on the nature of your business and what you seek to achieve at the end.


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