Dance School Marketing

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Dance is a creative art form. This makes it one of the most difficult trades to market since it calls for a unique approach that showcases the facets of your business entity. The marketing strategy used should showcase the business’ culture and reputation. Marketing a dance school is, therefore, a full-time job that should be taken with seriousness and resolve.

The best advice one can give you about marketing your dance school is to always think outside the box. Dance classes have existed before yours and will continue to emerge after your business. Be sure that “ordinary” promotion will not cut it. This is not to say that you abandon the well-known forms of marketing. Rather, a combination or modification of the traditional forms will bring the cutting edge that will see your dance school to success. Some of these may include;

  1. Liaising with Local Dance Supply Shops for Promotion or Referrals

You can find shops that sell dance equipment such as tutus, leotards, toe pads, and other dance related items and strike a deal with them so that they may tell people about your school. You can also leave brochures or fliers or posters in those shops for customers to see.

  1. Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are very common in the United States, particularly in New York. In other countries, you can be sure they will be a thing to marvel at if they occur. Of course, while doing this flash mob, ensure that each member has something to identify with your business such as a printed T-shirt.

  1. Television

Reality TV is a close competitor to the internet among things that millennials like to do. Signing up for game shows or reality shows will help you class build brand awareness. The better you perform at these shows, the more popular you will get.


Go out of your way to make your business known by taking part in things that would otherwise be out of the ordinary. It will pay well when the business is off to a great start.


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